ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is usually experienced through a relaxing tingling all over your body or head. It is a very calming sensation that washes over you. ASMR per se is not sexual, the feeling you experience could be from sheer relaxation to pleasurable sensations. Some people experience ASMR, but a lot of us dont. If you dont feel anything from any of the videos below, this may mean you havent found your trigger yet, or you are just not into ASMR. Which of course is no big deal at all, as the world is full of other wonderful things to turn you on and enjoy :P

Apparently ASMR is invading porn, and its picking up quickly. In their year in review for 2017 pornhub announced ASMR as number 5 trending term on the platform. The truth is there are many types of ASMR, but in general they could be separated into sound and visual triggers:

Sound ASMR

This is the most popular type of ASMR and I find a lot of people enjoy it. There are a lot of triggers for sound ASMR. Sometimes, the ASMRer (always a woman, i am yet to witness a guy doing this) is whispering or talking very quietly and gently some wonderfully relaxing or / and sexy things. The personal attention element of it is very strong - it feels as she is talking in your ear, whispering to you and you only, and it creates a feeling of coziness, being cuddled and taken care for. This is especially truth for porn ASMR, where making you feel special is part of the concept.

I have to say I do get turned on by ASMR porn. These videos create a very intimate feeling of you being the only person that this is intended for, and I can understand why this could be arousing. It also creates the feeling of just waking up next to a person who is whispering all these wonderful things in your ear. I mean I can almost feel the spring sunshine coming from the window and the smell of bread from the bakery at the corner. It plays a lot with intimacy and belonging, which as weird as it sounds is something some people look for in porn.

Other triggers for (regular) sound ASMR include listening to hair being cut, big makeup brushes brushing the mic, scratching and tapping. There is this big trend on youtube at the moment - ASMR ear eating and kissing. The last one is not something I enjoy, but hey some of the videos have 2M views, so it is definitely a niche. Here are some youtube videos and accounts:

Just audio ASMR

Ear eating

Sexy ASMR - slightly NSWF

Slime ASMR

I love slime ASMR. It makes me feel super excited and relaxed at the same time. It is more popular on instagram than youtube, with lots and lots of videos of people creating slime, squishing slime, smashing it and sticking it between their fingers and other random items! Ah! What a wonderful treat for my eyes and ears:

Talisa Tossel


The glorious breadface

Breadface is a fantastically generous lady, who’s giving us what we didnt ask for - literally putting her face onto every single bread-like creation in this world. She made this crazy fancy video for Garage magazine and its absolutely fantastic. This is a very big trigger for me, hopefully you enjoy it.

Cat purring ASMR

The last one goes to the cat ladies, and even though it is not an official ASMR trigger (yet) it creates a very relaxing and pleasant sensation for me. Technically, it should be in the section of sound ASMR, but I decided it needs your undivided attention. I used to listen to cats purring while working on a stressful project, and it definitely helped me go through the re-launch of big sites when I was working at VICE. I still listen to it a lot when I need to concentrate but also feel good. Apparently Im not alone as there is this web project where you can adjust the intensity and mood of a cat purr:

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