The subscription service for pleasure - Unbound boxes

The subscription service for pleasure - Unbound boxes

A lot of different research has been done on orgasm and sexual intercourse, and while data slightly varies between different sources all of them point out that between 57% and 65% of women* experience orgasm every time. Compare this to 95% of men*, and you get what the term Orgasm Gap stands for. It doubtfully comes as a shock to any woman, as only 15% of us are able to orgasm simply from vaginal intercourse! Cheers to you lucky ladies! However, for most of us clitoral stimulation is required, and I mean the RIGHT clitoral stimulation.


So things are far from equal in the bedroom between heterosexual partners, so in our frustration from this let's take a look at the 100% proof method for women to orgasm - masturbation. I LOVE masturbating. I do it all of the time, and according to studies much more often than most of us. But this is mostly because Im a remote web developer - working from home has the perk of taking this 4pm coffee break in the bedroom. Or bathroom. Depending how I feel for my afternoon masturbation session.

However this is not a common case scenario, and women in general masturbate almost twice less than men in some age groups.


It is true that the only real official data we have is from 2009 (which is absolutely ridiculous and shows how stigmatized sex in our society is) , but there are some shocking discoveries there.

For example 36.5% of women between 18-24 have not masturbated in the last year!

And these are the years when you discover your sexuality and your body, and you need to explore what pleases you. So not only men orgasm much more often through sexual intercourse but they also get to please themselves more frequently, thus resulting in huge difference between women's and men's sexual satisfaction. Add to this the social stigma on female masturbation, and the lack of knowledge on clitoris stimulation and you get the not-so-great picture on female sexual pleasure.

To close the orgasm gap, give women more satisfaction, and guide them through the process of self love Polly Rodriguez founded Unbound. The company offers well designed products for pleasure, but also creates safe inclusive space to have the conversation on masturbation and sex.

Polly Rodriquez

Rodriguez faced the challenge of finding a suitable sex toy when she was 21 and going through radiation and chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. The cancer left her menopausal and looking for lubricant and vibrator online, only for her to realize that most of the products on the market are falic (completely not necessary from biological perspective as only 15% of us orgasm from penetration), made of plastic, cheap and with toxic components in them. And as in so many other cases, when you need something done you better do it yourself.

Unbound was found in an apartment in New York in December 2014, and just a month ago it raised 2.7M in venture capital. It provides quarterly boxes, and separate online products. The subscription box model is one of particular interest to me, as it seems to perfectly fit the convenience we are getting so used to (Netflix, Spotify, Blue Apron just to name few of the companies relying on this model). It does seem to me that subscription to pleasure goodies is the new way for doing our sex toy shopping.

When subscribing to Unbound boxes you can choose between one, two or three quarterly subscription models. You could also do an intro subscription (which im gonna do right at this moment) and this quarter’s intro one is the Babe box - a box including only Unbound products (Unbound ships products from other manufacturers, but it will eventually switch to selling only their collections). The star of the Babe intro box is the Bean - a mighty, palm-sized vibe, suited for both targeted and broad pleasure. You can also get the full Babe Box which adds to the diversity of lubes, gels, and wipes a beautiful borosilicate glass dildo - the Gem, with a curved end and a beaded end for intense internal stimulation and external massage.

The Bean

Unbound also offers a super cool BDSM collection, which looks and seems as a luxurious jewelry at first sight, but oh it is much more than this. Part of this collection are the Cleo Bangle Handcuffs, which pretty much look like bracelets with a subtle chain connecting them, thus allowing for their conversion into functional wrist restraints, should your night take an interesting turn. So hello to good dates, turned extra good by you wearing this versatile accessory.

Cleo Bangle Handcuffs

We asked Nina Haines, Community Manager for Unbound about her favorite toy from them all:

My favorite toy from Unbound is our newest vibrator, Squish! Squish is absolutely our most versatile vibrator. It uses reactive touch technology, so the harder you squeeze the harder it vibrates. Squish even lets you compose and replay customizable vibration patterns so every use feels fresh. Made out of completely body safe silicone, you won’t want to let go of this vibe once you get your hands on it. Start with gentle pressure and work up to a firm grasp. Don’t let the cute shape fool you, Squish boasts a deep, rumbly vibration like no other. You can record and replay vibration patterns of your own creation with the Smart Memory function - the possibilities are endless. Also, take it into the bath or shower with you because it’s fully waterproof! Don’t worry, it’s USB rechargeable so the fun never ends.


You can get also get “regular” sex products from the site - from lingerie and kegels to cock rings and butt plugs. All ships in a discreet packaging so you can easily order it even at the office.

I also find their community sections amazing - the Magazine and the Sex Glossary where you can learn tons about sex, pleasure, and masturbation! Moreover, as part of the Unbound mission for initiating an open dialogue on female pleasure without stigma and shame Polly Rodriguez is one of the founders of Women of Sex Tech - an inclusive community of sex-positive women changing the sex tech industry. And yes, Sluttish is part of it too.

So, go ahead and take a look at what Unbound has to offer, so you can be part of closing that orgasm gap we are talking about ;)

**The data is for heterosexual men and women

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