Touch: Whole Body Masturbation Workshop

Touch: Whole Body Masturbation Workshop

We are continuing one of our favorite topics - masturbation - with info on a workshop, hosted by Nino Mar Seliz at Other Nature in Berlin. The workshop is just a day before Valentines Day, so what better gift for your own self than learning how to self-love in new ways.


"When masturbating, people often move in familiar and conditioned zones, because meaning and purpose is usually closely related to goal and performance, eg 'come quickly to orgasm'. However, self-love practice sometimes does not need a specific goal, with a specific intention. This workshop will be about trying out new things, finding out what you are in order to be in touch with you and your body, to discover your own patterns and become open to a more body-focused type of stimulation, finding new places of pleasure on the body, breathing variations and incorporating voice and movement in different states experience.

Nino Mar Seliz is somatic-systemic bodybuilder and sexological bodyworker about to get certified, and wants to invite and inspire people to do more holistic masturbation in this workshop."

It sounds absolutely fantastic I know! BUT what the hell is a sexological bodyworker? I dug around for you, and see what I got:

"Sexological Bodywork is a mixture of sexual counseling and bodywork. It's a new profession from California that makes the insights of sexology physically tangible by working with breath, voice and movement, as well as touch and massage. With Sexological Bodywork you will find support in consciously and joyfully managing your body, arousal and desire and increasing your sexual well-being."

It makes total sense and I can’t wait to try it. Here is the Sexological Bodywork Berlin site for the curious and thirsty for knowledge.

So, go learn about new ways to get in touch with yourself and love every part of your body.

Touch: Whole Body Masturbation Workshop will be held at Other Nature on February 13th, starting at 19:00. The price per ticket is € 20 (€ 15 reduced). Other Nature's workshops sell out super quick, so if you would like to go, get your ticket well in advance. To reserve a place in advance, just log in to their shop to register and to pay the workshop fee, or buy your reservation online here

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