Open Call for artists

Open Call for artists

If you are a visual artist, a director/ producer, a photographer, a model, a writer, or any other type of artist and would like to be featured on Sluttish, message us! To be featured on the site send us at least 3 low-res photos of your work, a link to your portfolio (if you have one, not a big deal if you don't) and tell us a bit about yourself.

As diversity is a big part of our values, we are looking for models of all body type, skin color, and sexual preferences. And because we know erotic and nude photography can be visually pleasing, super hot and beautiful we want to change the aesthetic and perception of it as being cheesy, plastic looking, and predictable. For any other visual art, send us everything that helps you in your sexual exploration and empowers you as a person.

You will be featured with your art and a short interview. Get in touch at

Photo credit: Nicolas Ladino Silva, Unsplash

About vanina

Web developer and founder of sluttish. She believes we have to finally start talking about sex openly and honestly, and eliminate the shame and guilt we associate with sexual pleasure