The educational hub for female orgasm -

The educational hub for female orgasm - OMGYES!

When I first encountered OMGYES I was amazed that we, as women, haven't had a platform like this yet, and bewildered with all that it helped me discover. I spent a good portion of the next 2 days experimenting with the techniques I found on Season one, and let me tell you, they changed my masturbation and my communication during sex forever.

OMGYES! aims to educate its users about the female pleasure by providing instructional videos on how to achieve orgasm. Its techniques are split in sections ("edging", "surprise", "hinting" etc.) and based on sexual research conducted with the ladies from the videos and their partners. To see real women talk about their pleasure, the issues they have achieving it, and sharing tips on getting that elusive orgasm is downright empowering and exciting. The lack of moaning and screaming, so typical for mainstream porn is refreshingly honest and down-to-earth.

Mainstream porn and Hollywood stereotypes have created a perception about women coming every time they have sex, which can not be further from the truth. According to Cosmo's orgasm survey only 57% of women achieve orgasm every time (or mostly every time) when they have sex with their partner. Moreover, 38% of those who do not orgasm during sexual intercourse, point out the reason is not enough clitoral stimulation and 35% say it is not the right type of clitoral stimulation. Ignoring the clitoris has a long history, which sadly started with Sigmund Freud (more on this here), and OMGYES does an excellent work showing how important it actually is. I, personally have never had vaginal orgasm, and for me it is impossible to orgasm during sex without clitoris stimulation.

Besides talks with each participant in the survey where they share their experience, you also get to see videos on how to actually masturbate, explicitly showing vulvas, clitoris and vaginas. I can't stress enough how important it is to show real female genitalia and real acts of pleasuring yourself instead of fruit and vegetables, or plastic representations of vulvas. Because, if we are wanting and willing to have a frank conversation about our sexuality we need to start calling things with their real names and show them exactly the way they are. I see it as an important step for eliminating the stigma around our own sexuality and pleasure.


The most talked about and educational feature of OMGYES however, seems to be the real time "games" where you can literally try your hand at pleasuring a woman. The voice-over guides you through the process and hints when you are doing something right or wrong. It seems like this feature is oriented towards learning how to please your partner, which is an absolutely welcomed and long-waited-for resource. According to my personal research, (talking to friends who used the site and tested their new knowledge on their partners) this is revolutionary in how real and authentic it is.

OMGYES is a subscription service, with a one-off payment of 39 euros. Although it may sound on the expensive side, I personally think it is so worth the money as a way to discover new ways of pleasuring yourself.

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