Link pack 2

Link pack 2

To continue with the tradition of providing you the resources I think are cool and worthy of your time and attention here comes Link pack 2:

  1. The askreddit about sex ed - What are some things that we aren't taught in sex ed that we should all probably learn about? I love this thread because A) It recognizes a problem - sex ed in most parts of the world is completely inadequate (if even existing) B) provides information that was missing due to the problem recognized. There was a lot of super helpful information there, and surprisingly small amount of BS (I mean the thread did have the serious tag to encourage that). Some good / hilarious posts include

Frequency of sex and/or number of partners do not change the shape or size of the vagina

Do not put toys for butts in vaginas

Also one thing I didn’t know is that antibiotics affect the efficiency of your birth control (perhaps because i never been on the pill)

  1. The photographer Marie Hyld takes photos of herself with strangers, pretending they have been in a serious relationship.

She believes the superficial nature of social media has changed the way we interact. One obvious example is the way we date, where we build this picture perfect Tinder profile and try to maintain it when we meet with our matches. This makes it impossible for us to be our true selves and be open and present. At the corner of each photo you see a timestamp, representing the minutes between meeting up for a first time and the moment the photograph was taken.

  1. The poorly reported Aziz Ansari exposé was a missed opportunity - This is a few weeks old, but I believe that after all the confusing, heated and emotionally reactive stuff thats been written around Aziz Ansari and Grace, this peace is the closest to the truth in its urge to start a conversation about the "grey zones" and power dynamics in consensual sex

  2. Nudegrafia is a young artist who defines herself as “Pervert, monogamous and happily married;) “. Her work is very fairy-tale like exploration of intimacy and sex, with a lot of dominance / submission elements.

  1. The New Bottoming Book - Another book from one of the authors of the Ethical Slut, but this one focuses on how to be a great submissive.

This is something I am actively exploring and I will be starting a sort of series on BDSM. A great start in any exploration in the field is this tiny and amazing book

Lede image: Marie Hyld
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