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Link pack 1

As I research topics, events and people for this site, I constantly find super cool things that I just want to share with you. They range from instagram accounts to youtube videos, from sex stories to sex ed resources. I usually just put those onto my pocket list and never look back. Or, when I occasionally go through the above mentioned list and re-discover these gems I feel regretful for not sharing them immediately. So I will be taking these inspiring and sexy resources out of my never-to-look-again pocket list and adding them here. Enjoy!

1. The Ethical Slut

This book is actually the inspiration for and I can assure you it is worth reading. It is not simply a book about polyamorous lifestyle, or open relationships, but a fantastic guide to any type of sexual relationship you might have in your life. The open communication and emotional honesty it teaches are crucial for your own well being when exploring your sex and relationship desires. It also proudly reclaims the word slut “... as a term of approval, even endearment. To us, a slut is a person who celebrates sexuality according to the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good for you.”

2. Future of Sex

Absolutely great podcast, hosted by Bryony Cole. It is nerdy and futuristic (think sex robots, teledildonics) in a very cool and approachable way. The episodes also deal with super interesting and real topics, such as online dating, slut shaming, and ghosting.

3. Venus Libido

A female artist from the UK. Very bad ass. “The general aesthetic of her work reflects a personal irritation and bitterness that has steamed from experiences of misogyny, patriarchy and a constant fight for equal rights for women in the workplace.”

4. Clitorosity

“Clitorises! I can spot a clitoris from a mile away!” A woman exclaimed as she walked from the trees toward the pumpkins. . We were excited that she recognized the clitoris, and she responded, “Shouldn’t everyone be able to?” . “Look!” She said to her family as they caught up to her. . “It’s the external part - the glans,” she stood on the largest pumpkin and pointed to the respective part of the drawing. “And the rest is internal!” She motioned to the other parts of the clitoris and continued explaining to her embarrassed teenage daughters, “There are the legs and the bulbs.” . Her boyfriend turned to us and smiled, “It’s not like she has a graduate degree in this or anything.” . “You do?!” We asked. . “Yes! I teach sex education to middle and high school students. They are normally surprised when I am teaching them about the clitoris. But it’s important.” . Her family and her students are lucky to have her.

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“A community-driven effort to spark conversations and celebrate the full structure of the clitoris”. It does not come as a surprise that not as many people know how the clitoris looks like. The goal of the account is to get people ask questions about the clitoris, which has been historically mistreated by doctors (including Zigmund Froyd) and even declared as completely useless organ. Here is a bonus short animated doc about the history of discoveries around the clitoris:

Le clitoris - Animated Documentary (2016) from Lori Malépart-Traversy on Vimeo.

5. Artgasm

ARTGASM is an art experience produced by Lioness, a women's sexual health company. Founded by artists and technologists, ARTGASM turns sexuality into beautiful animation, tailored to each individual and their own, unique experiences. It is essentially cool data visualization of the female orgasm :)

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