Hanna Panchenko // Wet textures (NSFW)

Hanna Panchenko // Wet textures (NSFW)

What is your name and where do you live?
I live in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. My name is Hanna Panchenko and I'm 26 years old

What do you like about erotic / nude photography?
I realized that I should show real female beauty, without any make-up and falsehood. Erotic photography should not be staged! for me improvisation is the most important thing in the work. I want all the girls to know that there are no standards and borders of beauty like big unnatural breasts, thin waist and big hips. We are all not standard material and it makes us very special.

In few sentences describe one sex fantasy you have
Let me see. Most likely these are elements of BDSM tying hands and eyes

Do you feel there are enough resources for women to explore their sexuality in Ukraine?
I believe that Ukraine does not pay enough attention to this serious topic
Parents meet with bayonets lectures on sexual education: they say such knowledge is going to corrupt children. And according to statistics in Ukraine, every fourth teenager begins an intimate life in 12-14 years

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