Porn Film Festival Berlin

Porn Film Festival Berlin

The 12th edition (yes, 12th!!) of the festival was held in Kreuzberg and Neukolln last week, and included feature films, short movies and lots of workshops. With absolutely packed theaters and sold out tickets for days in advance, it was a challenge to see anything but we managed to see a lot!

The atmosphere at the festival was very sexy, very welcoming and friendly. One could spot a lot of the creators and performers in the crowd, promoting their work and attending QA sessions after the films. The most difficult films to get to were all the shorts. The demand was so high that the good people from PFFB arranged extra showings after the end of the event, and we finally managed to get into these.

"Berlin Porn shorts 2" was an amazing and completely diverse exploration of sexuality. We saw sub/dom interaction, a real shibari session, queer sex, a naked glitter party, and even a peeing session. This was all accompanied by classical music as an integral part of each short, creating a specific mood and tension to it (such as the "Nut cracker" blasting in your ears, while watching an incredibly sexy and intense gay blowjob in the morning).

After the shorts, there was a showing of NEUROSEX PORNOIA III, which was the second sci-fi porn movie we saw at the festival. I am sure that if this trend stays around, films will develop to be completely able to show the beautiful and rich visions of their creators. The movies we saw are definitely a step in the right direction.

A lot of the producers, creators and performers at the festival are actually based in Berlin, and so are we; so expect features and interviews in our next issues.

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